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Basic Functions

Audacity is a free audio editor that allow users to import, record, and digitize audio files.  Users can also edit the files (removing gaps or unwanted utterances, for example), add special effects, and import and export the files into other formats. 

How It's Used

The IRC recommends using Audacity to narrate slide presentations.  The record feature in PowerPoint often clips the narration, which can result in up to 30 seconds of lost narration.  Audacity also filters background noise, resulting in a better audio experience for students.   Faculty use Audacity to narrate their presentations, create a separate MP3 file for each slide, and then submit those files to the Multimedia Specialist using the Multimedia Request Form.

Museum Studies faculty member Holly Witchey says,

"When the IRC team first suggested using Audacity, I thought to myself, 'Oh no, not another new technology I need to learn!  I want to spend my time thinking about the content of my course, not learning new ways to produce it.'  But nothing could be easier than Audacity. Try it!"

Additional Resources

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Download Audacity

You will also need to download and install Lame — the MP3 encoder is needed to enable Audacity to export MP3 files.
Download Lame

Introduction to Audacity Training Video:


Multimedia Request Form