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Sakai Training Materials Archive

Sakai will be replaced by Blackboard 9.1 in the Spring 2012 semester.  (Click here for Blackboard training materials.)

Faculty can still access their Sakai course sites and content at the same URL ( until December of 2012.  These training materials are provided for your convenience during the transition. 

Sakai to Blackboard Migration

Migrating Sakai Content Files into Blackboard (PDF)

Migrating Sakai "Assignments" into Blackboard (PDF)

Migrating Sakai "Lessons" into Blackboard (PDF)

Migrating Sakai "Announcements" into Blackboard (PDF)

Blackboard Course Checklist (PDF)

Sakai Training Materials

About Sakai

Release Notes for Sakai 2.7.1

Basics Workshop (run time 2 hrs 22 mins)


Login and Find Your Course Site (PDF)

Importing Content into a New Course Site (PDF)

Creating and Managing Groups (PDF)

Enrolling in Joinable Sites (PDF)

Enrolling in Joinable Sites (video)

Publishing Your Course Site (PDF)

Exporting Your Roster to a Spreadsheet (PDF)

Student Help Sheet (PDF)

Content and Multimedia

Adding a Syllabus to Your Course Site (video)

Embedding YouTube Videos Into Sakai (PDF)

Integrating Sakai and Google Docs (video--run time 7 minutes)

Adding a News Feed to Your Course (PDF)

What is Podcasting? (video)

Podcasting Workshop (run time 36 mins)

Adding a Podcast to your Course (PDF)

Creating a Simple Text Document in Resources (PDF)


Communications Workshop (run time 1 hr 58 mins)

Comparision Between the Discussion Forums and Forums Tool (PDF)

Using the Discussion Forums Tool (video)

How Students See Grades in Discussion Forums (PDF)

Assignments, Assessments, and Grading

Gradebook & Assessments Workshop (run time 2 hrs 22 mins)

Overview of Gradebook 2 Functionality (external link)

Adding an Assignment (including Turnitin set-up) (PDF)

Viewing the Turnitin Report (PDF)

Grading Assignments and Releasing All Grades to Students (PDF)

Downloading Student Assignments (PDF)

Viewing Midterm Course Evaluations (PDF)

Viewing Student Responses to Tests and Quizzes (PDF)

Moving Questions from Tasks, Tests, and Surveys to Tests and Quizzes (PDF)

"Quick Create" in Tests and Quizzes: Proper Question Syntax (PDF)

Importing Grades into the Gradebook (PDF)

Exporting Grades from the Gradebook (single course grade at one point in time) (PDF)

Exporting ALL Grades from the Gradebook (grades of all assignments to date) (PDF)