AAP Policies

For general Policies, see the AAP Policies and Procedures page. Below are some AAP Faculty-focused Policies for your reference. 

Accomodating Students with Disabilities

Johns Hopkins is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities. Students taking AAP courses who need accommodations should request disability accommodations at least four weeks prior to the start of classes. The Director of Faculty and Student Services will contact the faculty member once the administrative process is complete to discuss the necessary accommodations in further detail.

Guest Speaker or Lecturer in Canvas

For full details on using a guest in your course, review this Guest speaker or Lecturer page, which details how you can handle each use case for incorporating a guest in your course while ensuring FERPA compliance. 

Guidelines Regarding Technical Issues During Online Assessments

In the event that there is a technical problem during an assessment in the course management system, please use the Guidelines on Technical Issues During Online Assessments to help ensure the issue has been clearly communicated by all concerned parties and that appropriate action will be taken.

AAP Online Course Access Policy

According to AAP policy, students have one full semester after the end of the semester in which they take an online course to retrieve their own student-generated work and to access course materials. The University‘s policy on the use of Intellectual Property applies in all cases where students access online classes after a semester has already ended. Additionally, individual instructors or University administration have the option to make courses available for longer or shorter periods of time.