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Providing support for students, faculty, and staff is of the highest priority at AAP, especially during times of unexpected challenges.  We support our students and our faculty by creating ways for courses to progress in an agile and flexible learning environment. Contingency planning allows us to make temporary plans to help students and faculty through a specific time period.  While faculty are transitioning face to face classes temporarily to a virtual environment AAP’s IRC will provide support to faculty who may need additional help with these tools.

As AAP works to support faculty to provide the tools to work in a new environment, we also ask faculty to be mindful that their students are facing similar challenges. They may also need additional help with these tools, or they may not have consistent access to them. We encourage everyone to be flexible and supportive of students. Remind students that they have access to JHSAP for additional support, as well as to technological support.

COVID 19 Information for Faculty & Researchers

Please take a moment to visit the Coronavirus Information page for important Covid19 guidelines.

Studio Training

Please reach out to Natasha Jarvis ([email protected]) or Rob Zeman ([email protected]) to schedule studio training for Baltimore.

If you are also teaching in WDC, please coordinate with Jeremy Lewis ([email protected])

You can also watch the training video for studio classrooms created here, it is less than 9 minutes.

For Assistance

AAP Workshops and Webinars

List of upcoming training and Q&A sessions for Canvas, Panopto, and Zoom


How do I access restricted campus network resources?

How can I request a Zoom account?

How do I find electronic versions of my assigned readings and films?

If you choose to post your own readings and films

If you can’t find it as an e-book, contact [email protected]

At the end of the course, please plan to remove all pdfs and weblinks  you added.

Can I record my Zoom meetings?

Yes, review the “Guidelines for Recording with Zoom” document for more information on how to do so.

What else should I be concerned about when using Zoom?

For more tips and resources, review the AAP Instructor Zoom Tips and Resources document.

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