PD Enrollment in Courses

Program Director Access

Program Directors may request access to courses within their program in compliance with FERPA. If you would like to request access to courses within your program, please submit the Guest Access Form to request what you need.

Important Information about PD Access

  • Due to the access permissions, PDs will receive any course announcements or course wide emails from the courses they are enrolled in.
  • Once access is requested, we are not able to bulk un-enroll the PD from courses.
  • Access can only be provided when the schedule is closed for that term and shells are created.
  • If additional courses are added to the schedule after a PD request is made, an additional request is needed to be enrolled in those additional courses.

Important FERPA Note

If PDs would like access to other programs’ courses, the PD of that program or the primary instructor of the course must fill out the guest access form and note what type of access is being requested (guest speaker or guest, observer, or viewer).