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Accessing and Embedding Panopto in Canvas

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Embedding Panopto in Course

Best Practices for Panopto are to embed the Panopto Videos into their respective pages. Use the instructions below to properly embed your Panopto Video. 

  1. Create or go into edit mode on the page you want to embed the Panopto Video. 
  2. Add any instructions at the top before you embed the Panopto Video. 
  3. Click on the Panopto Icon on the Rich Content Editor Menu. 
  4. A Panopto window will open. Click on the expander arrow next to the name of the default folder (this will always be the current course name). 
    • Expand the AAP folder and select your course folder to share with the course. This step allows you to see all your Panopto lectures. 
    • Select the video and click insert. This will embed the video into your page. 
    • Add any other content, if needed, and Save. 

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