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Respondus Monitor and Lockdown Browser Instructor Introduction

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Respondus lockdown browser and monitor have been adopted to ensure exam integrity and verify students’ identities.

  • LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Canvas.
  • Respondus Monitor is a fully-automated proctoring solution. 

If you intend to use either of the tools within your Canvas course site, we ask that you inform your students. Please include the following within your course:

  1. Syllabus Statement statement within your Syllabus under the ‘Specific Technology Requirements and Skills for this Course’ section or within another clearly visible area within your Canvas course site
  2. A zero-point Respondus-enabled practice test in the ‘Welcome to your Class’ module with unlimited attempts. This will allow students to familiarize themselves with Respondus tools, working out any issues before beginning an important assessment.
  3. In each Respondus-enabled test (including the practice test), include these instructions on downloading Respondus and completing exams using the Respondus lockdown browser or Monitor.

To familiarize yourself with the tool, you can attend one of Respondus’s Weekly webinars or review this QuickStart guide and other resources on their training resources database.

If you have issues with your Respondus, you can reach out to our help desk at 844-417-0874 or reach out directly to our technical support team at

Syllabus Statement

This course may require the use of technology and software to ensure exam integrity and verify the identity of the student taking the exam. In some situations, students will be recorded, visually and through audio, during the exam. Additional information and directions will be provided in the course site.

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