Narrated Slide Presentation

Narrated slide presentations are our main option to deliver course lectures. We recommend using Microsoft Office PowerPoint to develop your lecture and then narrate them using an external audio recording application or embed the audio directly into the PowerPoint presentation. We are using Panopto to develop and convert your PowerPoint presentations for online streaming on our JHU Panopto MPEG 4 Streaming Server.


1) Create PowerPoint presentation.

2) Narrate PowerPoint slide presentation with an external audio recorder [such as Audacity on Windows/Mac or Quicktime on Mac] or record/embed the audio on each slide in your PowerPoint presentation. If audio is recorded outside of PowerPoint, please be sure to name the audio file according to the slide number, such as 01, Slide01, etc.

3) Submit Multimedia Request Form.

Please complete the form and once you select Submit, you will be directed to the second page with our Hightail Cloud account link. It will allow you to upload files with the size up to 2.0 GB.

We will process your presentation, upload to our streaming server and insert the link into your Blackboard course site.

We are asking you to create transcripts of your video or audio materials.
To have transcripts is very important for ADA requirements and accessibility standards. Please insert transcripts into “Notes” field (“Click to add notes”) of the according slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

The following are AAP PowerPoint Templates:

AAP PPT Template 03

AAP PPT Template 03 High Resolution