Create an Assignment
Blackboard Creating Assignments

  1. Make sure edit mode is ON when you start editing or creating course materials.
  2. Create assignments within the weekly learning module
  3. Go to Lessons > Learning Module > Assessments →Assignment
  4. Alternatively, create the assignment within the Assignment Guidelines (Course Menu Tab > Assignment Guidelines)
Create a Turnitin Assignment

Please note that you do not need to set up a Turnitin account. Once you have logged into, the tool is available to you and your students.

  1. Make sure Edit Mode is On.
  2. Go to the Learning Module where you would like to have the Turnitin Assignment located.
  3. Click inside the Learning Module, and then choose Assessments.
  4. In the Assessments menu, choose Turnitin Assignment.
  5. You will come to a screen with choices for the type of assignment; the most common choice here is the Paper Assignment. The paper assignment type is the base assignment for all other assignments types (PeerMark, Revision, and Reflection). Click Next after making your selection.
  6. To create an assignment, enter an assignment title and choose the start and due dates for the assignment. If you like, you can enter an additional assignment description. By default, papers submitted to this assignment will be checked against all of Turnitin‘s databases. If you would like to create a custom search or view other advanced assignment options, click the “Optional settings” link.
  7. Under Optional Settings, you will find a myriad of choices. We recommend using the default. Please note that you can associate a rubric under Optional Settings and also provide additional instructions to the students.
  8. You will receive a confirmation note that you have successfully created a Turnitin Assignment.
  9. The new Turnitin assignment is now in your learning module. Remember that anything new that you create in Blackboard floats to the bottom of the page and you may need to drag and drop to reorder.
  10. Just like a ‘regular‘ Blackboard Assignment, the Turnitin Assignment creates a Grade Center column. Note that Blackboard Assignments show ‘Assignment‘ as their category and Turnitin Assignments show ‘Turnitin Assignment‘ as their category.
  11. You can grade a Turnitin Assignment just like you would a Blackboard Assignment. You can provide a score, feedback, and use inline grading tools.
What is Turnitin?

Basic Functions

Turnitin is a plagiarism-prevention service that checks students’ written work for originality and for proper citation by comparing it against continuously updated databases. Every Originality Report provides instructors with the opportunity to teach their students proper citation methods as well as to safeguard their students’ academic integrity.

How It’s Used

Communication faculty member Dr. Barb Kaye requires  her students to submit their written work to Turnitin.  The Turnitin service  generates an “originality” score.

“I refer to this score as a ‘non-originality score’ and advise students to use it as a guide to paraphrasing and avoiding trite statements,” she says. “In other words, a high score does not necessarily mean a student is guilty of plagiarism but could mean they used many of the same articles as another work or they wrote too many overused phrases that picks up as lifted sentences.”

“Rather than panic about plagiarism, I have students use Turnitin to learn how to write well.”

–Dr. Barb Kaye, Assitant Director, Communication Program

Additional Resources

If you have any issues using Turnitin, please reach out to our support at

Alternatively, you can use the resources available on the Turnitin website for assistance.

Using SafeAssign

SafeAssign is a tool that will allow you to check your students’ work for plagiarism.  This option is available when creating an Assignment in Blackboard.

Using SafeAssign Video
  1. Make sure edit mode is ON when you start editing or creating course materials.
  2. Create an Assignment in your Blackboard course.
  3. On the Edit screen of the new assignment, you will see a section called Submission Details.
  4. Click on Submission Details to expand the menu.
  5. You will see an option called Plagiarism Tools.  You have the ability to check the option “Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign”.  This will turn SafeAssign on for that particular assignment.
  6. Some other options you have are:
    1. Allow students to view SafeAssign originality report for their attempts– turning this on will allow the students to see the results of what was found to be plagiarized in their submission
    2. Exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global References Databases– turning this on will ensure that the student submissions are not saved into the databases that are used to check against for plagiarism.  If this setting is not turned on, the student will have the option to exclude their work from the databases themselves.

The SafeAssign assignments will appear in Blackboard just as a regular Assignment submission would and would be graded the same way.

Blackboard Creating Assignments