Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards

The discussion board allows students and instructors to participate in threaded class discussions in an asynchronous environment – participants do not need to be online at the same time to participate. Discussions are organized into forums, which function as topics. Within each forum are threads, which consist of an initial post and the series of replies to that post. Students do not have permission to create forums – this must be done by instructors. Students can then create and respond to threads within a forum

Create a Discussion Board Forum
Create Blackboard Discussion Board Forum Video
  1. Be sure that Edit Mode is set to “on”.
  2. Navigate to your discussion board using the left-hand menu in your course.
  3. Click the Create Forum button in the upper left.
  4. This will take you to the Create Forum page where you can adjust the settings of this forum. Make sure to give the forum a name and use the textbox to add a description.
  5. Under Forum Availability, you can choose if and when the forum will be available. We recommend not putting in a Display Until date so that students can review their work later in the course. Be sure to keep the “available” button set to yes– changing it to no means the students will no be able to see it when the date comes!
  6. Under Forum Settings, you can change various options. Here, you change the grading, make the forum anonymous, allow users to create new threads, and more. Look over these options carefully to see what you want from your discussion board.
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Creating a Thread in a Discussion Forum

A Thread is a series of posts related to the same subject. Threads provide an organizational structure within a Forum for users to share posts on similar topics.

  1. Open the Discussion Forum. In the top left corner, there will be a Create Thread button. Next to this button there will also be a Grade Discussion Forum button if you enabled grading in the forum settings, and a Subscribe button, which will send you an email every time someone posts in the forum.
  2. Under Forum Description, you‘ll see the instructions for the forum. Under Message, write in the subject of the thread, which will show up in the list as the title, and the first post in the thread.
  3. Under Attachments, you can also add a file.
  4. Click Submit. There should now be a new thread under the forum.
Change Discussion Thread Author

When you receive your course shell after transfer, the discussion board threads will not list you as an author. They will instead credit “Anonymous.”

There are two ways to change this:

  1. The first time you log in and access your discussions, there will be a pop-up titled “Set Author of Anonymous Posts”
    The "Set Author of Anonymous Posts" pop-up.
    By default, “Not now. Ask again later.” is selected in the drop down. Change this to “Set [YOUR NAME] as author” and then click Submit.
  2. If you do not see the pop-up, or do not wish to change all of the discussion threads at the same time, you can also operate on a per-forum basis.

    To do this, first enter the forum where you want to make the change.

    On the left of the list of threads, click the boxes for the threads you want to edit, or click the topmost box to select them all.

    Above the list of threads, click on the “thread actions” menu, and choose the “Change Author” option.An image of a discussion forum, highlighting where the "change author" option is found.

    This will set you as the author of the selected threads.