Panopto is a flexible and easy-to-use lecture capturing platform that allows to a video capture computer screen showing any application or any file (for example, PowerPoint) and records video and audio components of your presentation at the same time. You can also include a second video feed from your webcam or any device with digital video output to Panopto recording.

Panopto supports main options for delivering instructor’s presentations/lectures:

1) narrated slide presentation (based on Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote);
2) video or screencast presentation;
3) audio presentation (podcast).

The Instructional Resource Center provides instructors with the directions on how to download/install Panopto recorder, how to login into JHU Blackboard Panopto account, how to create Panopto recordings and link them in the Blackboard course site.

If you’re interested in using Panopto, please contact our multimedia specialist.

If you are trying to log onto the Panopto Website please make sure to remember to Login with your JHED and personal password.

Panopto Best Practices

When you start working with Panopto, here are some things you may want to keep in mind:

  1. Panopto is the recommended software to record instructor lectures and also for short weekly updates for your students.
  2. For new developments, make sure to send your PowerPoint presentations to your Instructional Designer to review before starting to record your lecture.
  3. When recording lectures that will be used for multiple terms, make sure to not include any time related information (dates or terms).
  4. Instead of creating one long recording, you may want to consider splitting the information into several shorter recordings. This will help keep the attention of the viewers and if something needs to be updated, you can re-record a shorter segment instead of the entire lecture.
  5. Make sure to create test recordings with Panopto to make sure all of the selected media is working properly and as expected. Continue to practice with the Panopto recorder until you feel comfortable with the software.
  6. Make sure you do not include any personal information in your recordings (personal email, personal business information, etc.)
  7. Make sure to minimize distractions during your recordings (silence phones and other background noises, try to use a plain background behind you, close unused applications on your computer, etc.)
  8. If you are planning to include the Video source, just remember that you will be on camera throughout the recording, so act as if you were in a classroom.
  9. What is the preferred media source when recording with Panopto (Screen Capture or PowerPoint)?
    • If your recording is based on a PowerPoint, you will want to use the Capture PowerPoint option. Capture PowerPoint will capture just the PowerPoint slides without any animations or transitions, but the resolution of the slides will be a little better.
    • If your recording is going to include different applications or different windows, you will want to use the Screen Capture option. Screen Capture will capture anything that is open on your desktop (websites, documents, presentation animations and transitions, mouse movements, etc.)
  10. Transcripts are required for any multimedia that is included in Weeks/Modules 1 and 2. It is nice to include transcripts for multimedia in the remaining weeks of your course for accessibility. It is prefered to have captions added into Panopto after the recording is complete or to have a link to a PDF with the transcript.
  11. When creating PowerPoint, make sure to have just the key points on the slide. Here is a link to some more Tips for Creating an Effective Presentation
  12. If you are using a PowerPoint when recording with Panopto, it is a good idea to check any web links that you have in your presentation before you start recording to make sure they take you to the proper page.
  13. If you are including images in your presentation, make sure to cite where the images came from. You can either include this information on the slide with the image or include a list of references at the end of your presentation.