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VoiceThread is a unique cloud based platform for asynchronous, geographically dispersed multimedia discussion threads.
VoiceThread can be employed as a tool to deliver lecture material or student assignment and at the same time as an immediate platform for discussion activities. VoiceThread allows users to navigate through the slides and leave comments in several ways: using voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, or video (via a webcam). VoiceThread users can also doodle while commenting (drawing annotation overlays).

Johns Hopkins University has a university-wide VoiceThread account. JHU VoiceThread site is integrated with JHED and SIS.

VoiceThread Resources

Please contact the Instructional Resource Center’s multimedia specialist Here to add a VoiceThread Course View link in your Blackboard Course Site.

Contact our multimedia specialist, if you have any technical questions about using VoiceThread.

Contact the IRC Technology Trainers Here, if you need VoiceThread training. Find more information about our trainings and register at: http://irc.jhu.edu/training/calendar/


For an overview of creating, commenting, sharing, and doodling a VoiceThread presentation, take a look at these tutorials.