Development Resources

AAP Faculty Development Guidelines

The sample guidelines were built using Quality Matters rubric, JHU policies, and instructional design best practices. They provide structure and information on how to develop a syllabus, learning modules, assessment plan, lecture slides, and transcripts that meet research-based best practices.

Faculty have the flexibility to utilize or adjust these guidelines based on their teaching style, student needs, and course structure. These guidelines can be downloaded and used as editable documents. If prompted to login, please use your Johns Hopkins JHED ID and password.

  • Course Syllabus – Please use this document as a guide to help shape your syllabus and include the vital information that online students need know to be successful. It includes the needed headings, sample information, and key elements for the online instructor to consider.
  • Course Design Matrix (CDM) – This matrix provides a structure to design the overarching plan for the entire course while considering scope and sequence.
  • PowerPoint Presentations/Lectures – On the bottom of that page, you can see our accessible PowerPoint presentations/lectures that we encourage you to use for your course. They each provide guidelines and examples to help you adopt them.