Accessing JHU Systems

Log On: How do I access JHU Systems?

All JHU faculty, staff, and students have a unique personal identifier called a “JHED” to access all JHU systems. Once you have submitted your signed contract and completed the required HR forms, you will be assigned and sent a JHED. If you are a new to JHU, your JHED will need to be activated to access SIS (course grades & registration), Blackboard (where your online course will be located), and JHU faculty email.

Activate your JHED.

Troubleshoot: Can‘t find your JHED by following the processed linked above? If you have already submitted your contract and hiring forms, please contact Human Resources to see the status of your JHED creation.

JHU Email: How do I access my JHU email?

Faculty members receive a JHU email account for JHU related communication. This account will receive important notifications about your course, JHU processes, and systems. Please make sure to check it regularly. AAP Policy requires this account to be used for all student communication.

  1. To acces your account, log on to
  2. Hover over the “messaging” icon on the left hand menu (Note: it can take up to four business days after your JHED is activated for the email icon to appear)
  3. Select “Outlook” to access your JHU inbox and send mail

Accessing Blackboard: Where will I build and teach my online course?

Blackboard can be accessed with your JHED and password at To access your course shell where you will build and develop your course, log on and look under “My Courses Plus” for access to your course shell (view the Logging in to Blackboard guide for helpful screenshots). Before building anything in Blackboard, make sure to take Blackboard Asynchronous Training or Blackboard Core Training and work with your instructional designer to save time and ensure that your students can access the content.

Access to your course shell is dependent on contract, University, and AAP release dates for each term. Please review the Course Shells & Access page for more information.