Completing Your Contract

According to the new development contract, 30 days prior to the start of the term the Blackboard course needs to be complete and ready for review by AAP. Since the average online course takes between 140 to 180 hours to develop and build, it is vital to get started early. Working with your instructional designer, implementing their feedback, taking the expected training, and then building the course will ensure that you meet the contract requirements and are paid on time.

AAP Development Timeline

AAP Instructional Designers develop a timeline for material reviews that will ensure that you meet contractual deadlines and receive the support you need. This timeline is based on successful new developments and the contract requirements. Please ensure to follow this timeline carefully and communicate with your Instructional Designer if you have any questions. You will receive this timeline as a part of your contract.

AAP Guidelines for Materials

A lot of work goes into developing course readings, multimedia, lesson structures, objectives, and more. AAP has developed helpful AAP Faculty Development Guidelines which allow you to tailor your content to the online environment without starting from scratch. These guidelines match the AAP course structure and lead to greater efficiencies when you are ready to build out your course shell.

All materials developed for the course are sent to your instructional designer for support and review. We use research based best practices for online learning to ensure your vital content is communicated to students. Once the material has been reviewed and completed, it is then ready to be built in your Blackboard course shell.

AAP Course Review & Checklist

As mentioned before, each course is reviewed for completeness 30 days prior to the start of the term. The course must meet quality standards set by AAP and be built so that students will have easy access to content. Course completeness, in addition to meeting the AAP New Development Checklist, notes that your contract has been successfully met. (These standards were developed by the Associate Dean, Program Directors, and the IRC to support a clear means establishing quality online courses.)

Summary of the New Development Process

How does development work at AAP?

    • Sign your New Develop Contract and provide all needed forms to HR
    • Attend New Development Orientation
    • Meet with your Instructional Designer and set up regular meetings (once a week or every other week)
    • Review the development timeline and add the dates to your schedule
    • Gain access to JHU systems with your log on and email
    • Develop your content and material offline using AAP Materials Guidelines
    • Develop your multimedia (podcast, narrated powerpoint, video to support your content)
    • Send your materials by the timeline deadlines for review to your instructional designer
    • Discuss the material at your instructional design meetings
    • Take requirement Blackboard Asynchronous Training (BAT) or Blackboard Core 1 & 2 Training
    • Build your course with your reviewed content on Blackboard
    • Complete the course 30 days prior to the term start
    • Meet AAP New Development Checklist for contract completion


If you have any questions on the development timeline or criteria, please refer to your contract or ask your instructional designer for more information.