Developing Your Course

AAP Support of New & Experienced Instructors: How will I get started on my course?

The average online course takes between 140 and 180 hours to develop and build. The AAP Instructional Resource Center (IRC) is here to collaborate, support, and guide your course development process online. The IRC will contact you to get started on your course after you have submitted your signed contract and completed the required HR forms.

We have a team of expert instructional designers, trainers, and multimedia specialists that will work with you during your development. We will work together to plan your course, develop materials, and ensure that you receive the training needed to build your course. Through our partnership, we will collaborate to create a course that shares your valuable expert knowledge effectively with your online students, while meeting your contract requirements. See below for the process, roles, and training that are central to completing your course.

Development Process & Schedule

All instructors developing a fully online course for the first time will work with an instructional designer and will also take vital trainings on Blackboard.

Your contract is associated with a Development Timeline which will be distributed with the contract documentation. Adhering to this Development Timeline will ensure that your course is completed by the contractual deadline (30 days prior to the course start). Your instructional designer will contact you to set up an initial meeting where you will discuss your course plans and any questions about the development process.

Learning to teach online is a process unique from teaching face to face. It requires different methods, communication avenues, and skills. It is expected that you will take training to prepare for the online environment. Faculty developing a course are expected to take the Blackboard Asynchronous Training or Blackboard Core Training series in addition to working with their instructional designer.

Instructional Designer & Faculty Collaboration

AAP instructional designers (IDs) work with subject matter experts to ensure their expert content is communicated to students effectively through the online platform. Your ID will set up a schedule to meet contract requirements and consult with you on the course.

IDs also share best practices with you, provide helpful resources, and review your materials for compatibility with online teaching methods. Your ID will provide specific feedback on drafts of the syllabus and lesson plans to help you meet your contract requirements and ensure that your plan will work online. Faculty members incorporate this feedback to ensure that their course will be successful. They also request materials from the library, take trainings, and build their course on Blackboard. (With this role in mind, instructional designers do not build the course in Blackboard or request course materials relating to the course.)

Instructional Designer (ID) Responsibilities Expert Instructors Responsibilities
  • Create a schedule to meet contract requirements for faculty member
  • Consult with faculty on their course development
  • Review faculty materials for compatibility with online teaching methods & AAP requirements
  • Provide resources to faculty that support online best practices
  • Provide feedback on development materials to help faculty meet their contract requirements
  • Share your expert knowledge with students through planning a course
  • Work with your instructional designer
  • Follow the development schedule
  • Request course materials relating to the course (e.g. readings)
  • Build the course in Blackboard
  • Create content on Blackboard
  • Take Blackboard Asynchronous Training or Blackboard Core Training
  • Meet AAP online quality standards
  • Complete the course on Blackboard 30 days prior to the start of term

If you have submitted your signed contract and related HR forms, we would be happy to start working with you. Please contact us here if you have any questions.