Online Learning Information

Online Learning: What is online learning?

Online learning allows students to learn, communicate, and be assessed through an online platform. These courses do not have face to face contact or meet in-person at the same location. Students learn the material from all over the US and the world. Instructors collect and build their content, lectures, readings, tools, and assessments in advance of the course using a Learning Management System (LMS). The materials and tools will provide a structure for the students to learn without meeting in a specific location or at a specific time.

During the course, students and instructors communicate, discuss, and exchange materials through the LMS. There are special tools that allow the instructor and students to discuss topics, post papers, and collaborate on building projects. These interactive tools are especially important in online learning, since students don‘t get to meet or see their instructor or peers face to face.

Instructors teach online courses from their computer. Since all the content is online, they need a good internet connection.

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Instructor Readiness: How do I know I have the needed expectations and skills to teach online?

Many faculty members are surprised by what online learning entails, what skills are needed, and how it differs from face to face instruction. With this in mind, understanding what online learning is and how it works is vital to getting started.

Penn State has an award winning self-assessment to help teachers set expectations and assess their prerequisite skills for teaching online. You will need to enter your email to receive the results.

AAP Online: What does AAP use to deliver courses?

AAP uses Blackboard Learn 9.1 to build and deliver our online courses. Blackboard has a diversity of features including tests, wikis, blogs, group tools, discussion boards, and other features that ensure that instructors not only can share their content but also interact with students. AAP has a tailored version of Blackboard that is administered at the university level. The best way to get to know our version is to take our online trainings.