Previously-Run Course

We support the management of AAP courses on Blackboard. Through a series of process, we ensure that material is moved from term to term, ready for students, and functions well through out the semester. Our team ensures that courses taught in the past can be safely used for semesters to come. Please see below for information about each of the key course management processes.

  • Transfer: To ensure course stability, we move content from a previous term to the coming term while testing access to materials and stability.
  • Readiness: We work with instructors so that courses are ready when the shells open at the beginning of the term.
  • Course Shells and Access: We work with instructors to receive their course shell for editing and updating for the coming term. We also can help enroll guest access to a course in compliance with FERPA and AAP policy.
  • Master Course: Under Construction – We are exploring ways to streamline course management to reduce the burden on instructors.