Course Readiness

Readiness is a process that occurs prior to each term start (spring, summer and fall). We know that prior to the term, instructors work hard to get courses ready for students. A week prior and at the start of the term, each AAP fully-online course is reviewed for basic updates. The goal is to provide support instructors and to ensure that basic courses component are ready prior to students entering the class. Faculty and PDs are emailed with helpful information about the course, how to open it to students, and options for support.

The Readiness process ensures that each course has the below areas ready for new students and emails the instructor with next steps:

  • Updated & available welcome message
  • Updated syllabus (attached as a file for accreditation purposes)
    Click Here to download the most up to date AAP Course Syllabus Template
  • Updated university policies in both downloadable and online syllabus
  • Instructor information (in the tab or on the syllabus) with JHU email
  • First two weeks with working content and current term dates
  • First two weeks of discussion boards (or alternative student engagement tool)
  • Blackboard support, SIS, and library information tabs (part of the standard template)

Note: Practicum, thesis, and independent-study courses are limited to basic information, including as a welcome, syllabus, and instructor information.

Please contact us with any questions, requests for support, or further information about course readiness by submitting a support request Here. We are looking forward to a great semester!