Course Shells & Access

Course Shells

The IRC partners with instructors to ensure that course shells and materials are ready for the coming term. We work with JHU IT, the AAP Registrar, and to other departments to acquire shells for instructors. There are three major types of courses at AAP, including for credit (previously taught), developments, and not for credit. Each has a different process for acquiring a course shell. Please see below for more information:

Courses offered for credit (previously taught) have a shell automatically created and transferred. It is usually available between 30 and 45 days prior to the term start.

Courses with a development contract have a different timeline. Please contact your instructional designer about questions relating to development course shell availability.

Courses that are not for credit (i.e. a community or organization site) can be requested through the Request a Community Site form (under construction) or by submitting this form.

Course Access

The primary instructor of record (and any co-instructors) are automatically enrolled into Blackboard courses if they are contracted by JHU AAP and associated in SIS. The instructor, program, IRC, and helpdesk are not permitted to change or manage these for-credit course enrollments prior to or during the span of the course.

If you have a guest lecturer, speaker, or visitor that you would like to have in your class, please visit the Access Request From page for the best and fastest way to make your request.