Course Transfer Request Form

Action Steps Needed

For Fall ’21, courses with a start date of Monday, August 30th, 2021 will have a deadline of July 2nd, 2021.

  • All instructors will need to fill out the Transfer Course Request Form to ensure the correct source course is copied.
    • Fully online courses (.8X) and Partially online courses (e.g., .0X, .5X, .7X, and .9X) will be transferred into the new shell for the upcoming term once the Transfer Course Request Form has been submitted.
    • Additional Course Sections require a Transfer Course Request Form submission for each section.
  • Late requests are not accommodated after the deadline unless the course was added to the schedule after the submission deadline.
  • Do not copy or transfer any courses using Blackboard tools, as this may cause course errors. Instead, check with the IRC for course diagnosis, even if you have rebuilt or moved the course in prior terms.
  • View your source course for the 4 Basic Course Errors (located on page 4) to reduce transfer errors.
  • All instructors will receive a personalized message when their course transfer is complete.


Note: Any work on new courses done during the transfer process could be deleted, lost, or cause course stability issues for the coming term.