IRC Instructional Design Office Hours

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HOME  > BLOG IRC Instructional Design Bookings The IRC had available Instructional Design Bookings for AAP Faculty – to answer questions, brainstorm ideas, and share resources.  Are you teaching an online course and have some questions about the best way to set up an activity or assignment in Canvas? Do you have other questions regarding your online […]

How to Teach a Good First Day of Class

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HOME  > BLOG Recommended Reading: This article, in Academe Today of The Chronicle of Higher Education, How to Teach a Good First Day of Class, by James M. Lang provides excellent advice on strategies for getting off on the right foot with your students. These effective strategies not only help you set the tone and cover critical […]

Infographic as a Visual Literacy Tool

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HOME  > BLOG Visual Literacy Startegies Visual literacy strategies can engage learners to think critically as they can create opportunities for learners to derive meaning from images of everything that they see, and evaluate, apply, or create conceptual visual representations from these meanings. Visual literacy: An overview According to Frank W. Baker of the International Society for […]

The Potential in Podcasts

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HOME  > BLOG The Potential in Podcasts What do podcasts have to do with teaching and learning in online education? What lessons can educators take away from the popularity of this medium? Are you a podcast fan or do you know someone who is? While I enjoy following a couple of podcasts during my daily commute, […]

Zoom Bombing Deterrence

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HOME  > BLOG Zoom Bombing Deterrence Zoom Bombings are when strangers join zoom meetings and class sessions with the intention of being disruptive and potentially sharing malicious content. As a result of these disruptions, we highly encourage implementing some preventative security precautions with your Zoom sessions. Firstly, we must advise that you don’t post the invite […]