Zoom Bombing Deterrence

Zoom Bombings are when strangers join zoom meetings and class sessions with the intention of being disruptive and potentially sharing malicious content. As a result of these disruptions, we highly encourage implementing some preventative security precautions with your Zoom sessions.

Firstly, we must advise that you don’t post the invite information in public places and don’t just use your Personal Meeting ID for your classes. Instead, use an automatically generated meeting ID. Also, you may want to turn off file transfer and prevent participants from screen sharing to remove any risk of malicious content being shared by unwanted intruders. These measures alone are not enough though, students that you share the access information with can always share that information with the public and strangers can still access your meetings if they guess any of your meeting’s access links, phone numbers or IP addresses.

One easy change that you can make to limit disruptions is creating a waiting room where students join, and you must manually add them to the call from the waiting room. This will allow you to make sure that no one who doesn’t belong in the meeting joins, but it will mean that you may have to keep an eye on the waiting room while running the meeting.

Also, you can allow only signed-in users into the meeting so that only those who you manually invite to the meeting will be granted access. This is a great feature, but you will have to make sure that the emails that you send the invitations to are the ones that students used to create a Zoom account.

Finally, you can lock the meeting when you aren’t expecting anyone else to join it. This is easy to do, but you will have to look out for locking it before anyone who is running late may have joined and you will have to stay vigilant until the point that you lock it.

If you do still have issues with disruptive persons, don’t forget that you always have the ability to remove participants. If you do have to do this, then it will also prevent them from rejoining the meeting after you do so.

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