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Our mission is to help faculty in Advanced Academic Programs teach innovative, instructionally-sound courses.

How can we help you?

Our Team is happy to meet a wide variety of needs. For assistance, we encourage you to view our help page.

Our Focuses

All our activities exist to support the focuses on Quality, Faculty, Innovation/ Experimentation, Production Support, and Operational Efficiency.


Our team is able to provide faculty with course development, multimedia design, training sessions, and instructional technology integration with our team of diverse specialists


About Us

See each member of our team, including Instructional Designers, Course Support Specialists, Instructional technologists, and various multimedia specialists.

The IRC, working collaboratively with program directors, faculty, and support services, aims to create high-impact learning experiences that develop students’ potential as innovators, leaders, and visionaries in the arts and sciences.

La Tonya Dyer, Executive Director 

Instructional Resource Center

News and Updates
Curious About Canvas?
Have you heard the news? JHU is adopting Canvas as its new learning management system officially replacing Blackboard in Fall ’22 (Read more about the project on this JHU migration page) and IRC Training is here to help!
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QM: Online Course Design Best Practices
As we continue to refine our strategies in online learning, it is helpful to look toward organizations (such as Quality Matters) that specialize in this work for guidance.
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Infographic as a Visual Literacy Tool
Visual literacy strategies can engage learners to think critically as they can create opportunities for learners to derive meaning from images of everything that they see, and evaluate, apply, or create conceptual visual representations from these meanings.
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The Potential in Podcasts
What do podcasts have to do with teaching and learning in online education? What lessons can educators take away from the popularity of this medium?
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Zoom Bombing Deterrence
As a result of these disruptions, we highly encourage implementing some preventative security precautions with your Zoom sessions.
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Help and Consultation

Instructional Design

For help with course design, developing assignments, assessments, student engagement, rubrics, accessibility, etc.

Technical Support
For technical assistance with Blackboard, Panopto, and other educational technology
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For help with developing and editing course media such as video, graphics, and more
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Request training for AAP supported tools (Blackboard, Office 365, Panopto, VoiceThread, Zoom, ect.)
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Course Management
Help with the course copy/transfer process, course access, FERPA consent and organizing Blackboard content
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Bookings Page

Including Instructional Designers, Multimedia Specialists, Training Specialists, Instructional Technologists and Course Support Specialists, feel free to reach out to us whenever you need.