Instructional Design

The IRC instructional design team is available to support faculty in considering new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning or simply design a new activity or assignment in their courses.

The IRC Instructional Design team is here to help AAP faculty with all aspects of their courses. In addition to the CDC Process for the full development and revision of AAP courses, which is detailed above, IRC Instructional Designers (IDs) are available to support you in many ways. Instructional designers are available for consultation about making updates to existing courses, incorporating accessible content, developing course assessments, and more. Visit the IRC Bookings Page to schedule a time to meet with a team member.

Course Reviews

In addition to course design and revision, the instructional design team performs course reviews of all new course developments or course revisions. This checklist that is used for these course reviews ensures that all courses have met the minimum quality standards of an AAP course.

Some of these standards include things like:

  • The course is easy to navigate
  • The Program and Course Objectives and listed in the syllabus
  • Every module includes Module Learning Objectives
  • The Module Learning Objectives align with the activities and resources for the week
  • The course promotes student interaction
  • All videos have captions
  • All images have alternative text

If a course is being revised, the Instructional Designers will review the course before the course revision process begins to determine if any elements of the course need to be revised to meet the items on the checklist.  This will be included when the Statement of Work is created.