Instructional Technology

The IRC Instructional Technologists are ready to work with instructors to guide their use of innovative instructional technologies of all sorts. 

What is Instructional Technology?

Instructional Technology encompasses any hardware or software that is used in education. This service includes working with the design, development, use, management, integration, and evaluation of technologies with instructional potential. These processes can apply to instructional technologies ranging from seemingly innocuous updates that add features to one of our adopted applications to ambitious plans like creating a physical space designated for newly acquired extended reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality) technology’s integration in classroom demos. Both long-term initiatives and short term notifications are key to assuring we are using available instructional technology to its full potential.

Why is Instructional Technology Important?

Instructional technology is fundamental with online and blended learning because there are constantly new tools emerging that could enhance or even revolutionize aspects of instruction. Online instruction is fundamentally reliant on technologies, and there is oftentimes plenty of room for improvement with our current technological solution.

With so many technological options for such a wide variety of instructional needs, it is critical that we thoroughly compare our options before working through the LMS integration process. After evaluating and integrating technology, the final, essential element is communicating all the necessary information to anyone interested in using it. From notifying our community of the new technology to offering one-on-one help in adopting and using the technology to developing resources to assist with using it, there is a slew of ways that we promote and ease the adoption of technologies.

Of course, we are always receptive to ideas for new technologies or new ways of using our currently adopted technologies. If you are interested in investigating a technology that hasn’t been adopted within the AAP, please visit the IRC Bookings Website to find a time that is convenient for you to meet with one of our Instructional Technologists.

Technical Support

For details on the most common instructional technology (Blackboard, Panopto, VoiceThread, and Zoom), visit our Learning Technologies Support page for a comprehensive list of resources.

If you would like support for a technology-related issue, please reach out to our 24/7 help desk with any of the following methods: