Graphics & Documents

The Multimedia Team boasts a talented team of designers ready to help you create top-notch graphic content for your course. We specialize in a range of design services aimed at effectively engaging your students.

Infographics serve as visual learning aids, aiding students in comprehending complex concepts. Instructors can utilize infographics to illustrate key points in lectures, rendering the material more accessible and engaging for students. Additionally, infographics can be invaluable for presenting data and statistics clearly and compellingly

Motion graphics can effectively engage learners by attracting and retaining their interest, simplifying complex or abstract ideas, and reinforcing key messages and feedback. Such projects typically integrate narration, animation, transitions, sound effects, characters, stories, and expressions

Documents can be enriched with images, vibrant colors, captivating layouts, and interactivity through electronic publications (e-pubs) and Interactive Learning Objects

Custom illustrations are unique graphics or visual elements created from scratch that represent specific concepts, ideas, or scenes. In an online course, custom illustrations can be used to enhance the learning experience by visually explaining complex concepts, making the content more engaging and effective for learners

IRC recommended dimensions for banners on the Canvas pages are 1064x369 for the course landing page, and 1200x300 for Module Banners. Please vist our Banner Catalog. We have a vast array of unique and captivating banners which can be used to enhance your course. Note: JHED ID is Required.

Rights Free Images

Where can rights-free images be sourced?

High-quality images bring presentations to life. The Multimedia Team can create images for you, but sourcing images from various websites is also available.

Please download the JH Libraries Copyright Tips of Faculty document for more copyright information and image sources.

*Acceess to the collection gallery requires membership. Please fill out the multimedia request form for assistance in acquiring content.

Our Document Templates

For assistance with the AAP Document templates and Rights Free Images please contact the Multimedia Team via the Multimedia Request Form.