Interactive Learning Objects

Interactive learning objects are web-based objects that allow students to understand visually and virtually interact with the subject matter they learn about in the classroom

What is the purpose of an Interactive Learning Object (ILO)?

The primary purpose of an ILO is to teach a learning goal that lends to a greater understanding of the subject matter when a student actively participates. Using ILO’s allows students to ‘actively participate’ by creating an interactive learning environment that lets students explore the subject in exciting ways and at their own pace. Research shows that students retain information better when they can control the speed and order they absorb information.

What is a 'good' ILO?

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) often ask what makes an Interactive Learning Object ‘good?’ Research shows that the following steps increase learning and interest in the subject, hence increasing the quality of the ILO:

1. SMEs should identify the ILOs purpose and what content will benefit the most from the interaction?

2. The ILO should have an interactive environment that corresponds to the course. For example, science-based information would be best relayed in a virtual lab and not a virtual bank.

3. The ILO allows the student to explore at their own pace.

4. Graded or quiz-based ILO’s should have multiple options and paths to the correct answer (if there is one). For example, the student adjusts various controls on a virtual dashboard to see what happens.

5. Lastly, gamification features such as achievements and unlockable areas based on the ILO’s success and completion help further motivate students.