For Faculty - Getting Started

Welcome to Advanced Academic Programs (AAP). As a faculty member at AAP, you are part of a diverse and experienced teaching community. The Instructional Resource Center is happy to provide you with support and resources as you prepare for a successful semester. 

To access the IRC’s wealth of resources about teaching and learning, as you get access to Canvas you will automatically be enrolled in a new community – the AAP Teaching and Learning Community. This site provides detailed information about topics such as accessibility, student assessment, and teaching strategies for online and blended courses. Additionally, the community serves as a dynamic learning environment in which you can collaborate with your colleagues and engage in authentic learning activities. Whether you are new to teaching at AAP, a returning lecturer, or a subject matter expert developing a new online course, you will find support and guidance to enrich your teaching experience. 

Topics in the AAP Teaching and Learning Community include the following: 

  • The Course Development Process
  • Best Practices for Online Teaching and Learning
  • Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning
  • Student Assessment
  • Course Communication
  • Active and Collaborative Learning
  • Chunking and Microlearning
  • Copyright and Fair Use
  • Canvas “How To”
  • Innovative Teaching Strategies
  • Emerging Technologies

Also remember to visit the AAP Faculty Resources page for information regarding the following important topics, policies, and procedures: 

  • The Semester Start Checklist
  • The Academic Calendar
  • Disability Accommodations
  • Listing Textbooks for Students
  • Library Resources
  • Course Evaluations
  • The Student Information System (SIS)– course rosters, emailing students, and submitting grades 

Support for Your Students

As an AAP faculty member, you should make yourself aware of the supports available for your students. Faculty are often the first people students turn to when they have questions about AAP, and it is helpful for you to direct them to accurate information. The links below will be useful as you answer student questions.